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With Lauren Grodstein and Ann Garvin

After the Novel

July 17 - 21

In all our years teaching in MFA programs around the country, we've noticed a pattern: students write most of a novel, almost all of a novel, but have a hard time finishing the work.  Or, when writers do finish that novel, they find themselves overwhelmed by the next steps.  

But finishing and publishing your novel does not have to be mysterious or intimidating!  In this one week course, Ann and Lauren will walk you through editing for plot, writing the three-sentence pitch, crafting the perfect query letter, and navigating the agent search.  


We'll also chat with literary editors, agents, and best-selling novelists who will share their advice and best practices.  Plus, we offer manuscript consultations for writers who are looking for professional feedback.


You'll leave the workshop inspired and prepared to get your novel out into the world.

The novel workshop in Paris offers an inside look at publishing, candid dialogue with pros, and thoughtful feedback at any stage of a writer's project.  Formidable!

- Stacey Resnikoff, Boston

 I came away feeling like I knew more about being a writer and seeing a path toward to publishing than in all my years in my MFA program. Writing is an art but it is also a business.  It was also an incredible week of delicious food and adventures with wonderful writers. 

- Jayne Sosland, New York


Can I take both classes?  

Of course!  Tuition is discounted for students who opt for two weeks.

How much does it cost?

Before 4/15/23: $1250 per class/ $2000 for both 

After 4/15/23: $1500 per class/ $2500 for both

What's included?

Tuition covers classes, consultations, and a farewell dinner. 

Class size?

Limited to 15 participants.

Where will classes be located?

Classes will be held in a workshop space in the 11th arrondissement.

How do I apply?

Fill out this form.

Other questions?  

Please contact Lauren at

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