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Paris as Classroom
July 10 - 14
with Laurie Frankel and Lauren Grodstein

Paris is one of the world's most mesmerizing cities, full of famous landmarks and secret corners.  It's a magical place to write, read, and discover.  Over five days, Laurie and Lauren will guide you through some of Paris's most inspiring neighborhoods and little known locales, using them as a springboard for your imaginative work.

We will combine explorations of Paris with guided writing exercises and lessons on plot development, character, and voice, allowing you to develop as a writer and traveler.

If you are interested, Laurie and Lauren will also read and review your manuscript with an eye toward what it needs to become publishable.

I learned that writing should be practiced every day and what better place to begin than the streets of Paris. My observations and thoughts turned into stories and poems. Each person in the program brought their own perspective and their unique style of writing to both the workshops and the classroom sessions. The feedback and support that rotated in each workshop and class ensured that I came out of this month with one realization…I could write!

- Rania Jaber, Beirut

Lauren's experience as a professor as well as best-selling author makes her the ideal instructor for this look inside the world of writing and publishing. She is approachable and funny, with real world experience and credibility.  The optional manuscript review provides feedback in a friendly small class setting."

- Christine Gallen, New York

These workshops taught me how to find my writing voice and the importance of plausibility. I found both an instructor and mentor, and much of what I write today is shaped by what I learned. 

- Lindsey Wells, New Jersey


Can I take both classes?  

Of course!  Tuition is discounted for students who opt for two weeks.

How much does it cost?

Before 4/15/23: $1250 per class/ $2000 for both 

After 4/15/23: $1500 per class/ $2500 for both

What's included?

Tuition covers classes, consultations, and a farewell dinner. 

Class size?

Limited to 15 participants.

Where will classes be located?

All around the city, and in a workshop space near Pere Lachaise cemetery.

How do I apply?

Fill out this form!

Other questions?  

Please contact

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